Hamlet drevnegermansky: twin, double. Garay

Hamlet drevnegermansky: twin, double. Garay Vseslav Slavic: the most nice.

Vyacheslav Slavic: great, nice.

Gabriel Hebrew: firmness of belief in God, literally: my power God.

Ghazi Arab: the warrior against incorrect.

Guy option of Gayan.

Galaktion Greek: dairy.

Galib Arab: victorious, prevailing over all.

Galim Arab: wise.

Gamaliel Hebrew: The Gods defender.

Hamlet drevnegermansky: twin, double.

Garay Tatar: respectable mister.

Gayan Guy Ancient Greek: given rise by the earth.

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That too it was not noisy, can look

That too it was not noisy, can look Give a signal and under a blanket search works have to begin.

That too it was not noisy, can look for ktonibud one.

If other children are afflicted, change them roles or hide some toys at once.

Trampoline Age: years.

Number of players: any.

Put on a floor an old mattress that children jumped on it, but not on chairs and sofas, and less they were spoiled.

Fortress Age: years.

Number of players: any.

Excellent fortress will turn out from cushions if you resolve it.

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And Tanya

And Tanya They decided to clean the room.

Katya took the vacuum cleaner.

It cleaned a carpet.

Varya wiped dust from a case.

And Tanya washed the dishes.

When mother came, everything was pure.

All children sat on a carpet and played with dolls.

Then children consider the second picture Children play and look for the girl who washed the dishes.

After the child found the girl, the teacher speaks: Tell how you learned that it is Tanya.

From the child it is required to remember external distinctive signs of one of characters and to tell about it, i.

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The sound

The sound You hear a ring?

Age: years.

Number of players: You take a glass and a spoon, sit down near the child lying in a bed and speak: Close eyes, and I will knock on a glass.

The sound will be at first loud, then everything is more silent and more silent.

When it is not audible at all, it is possible to open eyes.

Repeat this game several times.

Marching conditions Age: years.

Number of players: any.

Allow to have a sleep sometimes for a change to the child in unusual conditions, for example in a sleeping bag, on your bed or on a floor in the room.

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It should

It should At the time of inspection of oral speech of children of control group of violation of a sound pronunciation are noted at of pupils, and experimental at of school students.

It should be noted that as children with violations of a sound pronunciation visited logopedic occupations on a school logopunkt, phonetic defects of the speech came to light only at pupils of the first and are much more rare than the second classes.

At more senior children being available earlier violations of a sound pronunciation at the time of carrying out research were already eliminated.

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