Anfim Greek: covered

Anfim Greek: covered Anikit Greek: invincible.

Anisim Greek: execution, performance.

Antiochus Greek: resisting, going in defiance.

Antip Greek: opponent.

Antipatr Greek: instead of the father.

Anton Anthony, Antonin Latin: engaging, competing in force.

In Rome it was recognized as a patrimonial name.

Anfim Greek: covered in the flowers.

Anfir Ancient Greek: blossoming.

Anufry option of Onufry.

Apelles Greek: unrecognized, discourteous.

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The way of the reading

The way of the reading This technique considers an assessment of speed and correctness of reading.

The way of the reading and understanding read which is checked by means of control questions is separately investigated.

The offered technique does not allow to consider, however, those rather often found cases when the child allows not one, and some mistakes in one word, and also those cases when the child passes the word or the whole line.

Creation and wide circulation of any standardized technique of an assessment of formation of mental function or skill, in our opinion, meets certain difficulties.

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Maksud Arab: desired, expected. Malaky

Maksud Arab: desired, expected. Malaky Maccabee Hebrew: hammer.

Maxims Latin: the greatest, the biggest.

Maksimilyan option of Maxim.

Maksud Arab: desired, expected.

Malaky Malakhy Hebrew: messenger.

Mansour Arab: being under protection.

Manuil Hebrew: God with us.

Manfred drevnegermansky: the free person.

Marvin drevnegermansky: victory in war.

Marian Latin: sea.

Mark Latin: hammer.

Markel l Latin: hammer.

Mars Ancient Greek: God of war.

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It is possible

It is possible It is possible to distinguish recognition of graphics on the basis of the analysis and synthesis from visual operations, a visual memory, zritelnoprostranstvenny representations, but also, the glazodvigatelny activity providing the sakkadichesky movements which are the cornerstone of exact scanning of information during reading.

Training in the Russian sound alphabetic reading assumes also existence of the developed orally speech operations: correct sound pronunciation, phonemic perception, leksikogrammatichesky representations.

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Language The exception is made by pupils of special correctional schools.

Language material at their inspection is selected taking into account the program of training that allows to estimate dynamics of learning ability to the language phenomena.

Special attention at inspection of syntactic abilities needs to be paid on: ability of the pupil to build various types of offers, including complex; possession of predlozhnopadezhny designs; ability to coordinate nouns and adjectives in oblique cases of plural.

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