Reading In process of mastering a synthetic way of reading, the semantic aspect starts advancing technical to what emergence of semantic guesses in the course of reading testifies.

Reading the skilled reader this antitsipiruyushchy reading which leans on a sense anticipation.

In this case the semantic aspect leads technical, creating for it the optimum conditions which are positively influencing correctness and speed of reading V.


Gorecki, T.


Egorov, L.

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The sea name

The sea name Significant and imperious name Margarita will decorate middle names Petrovna, Sergeyevna, Evgenyevna, Matveevna, Gavrilovna, Danilovna, Aleksandrovna.

The sea name the Marine well sounds near middle names Aleksandrovna, Sergeyevna, Petrovna, Grigoryevna, Mikhaelovna, Savelyevna, Alekseevna, Stepanovna.

Soft name Maria gains melodiousness near middle names Arkadyevna, Mikhaelovna, Pavlovna, Yurevna, Aleksandrovna, Vyacheslavovna.

Universal name Natalya also has the preferences among middle names: Pavlovna, Vladimirovna, Romanovna, Petrovna, Konstantinovna, Olegovna, Borisovna, Leonidovna, Mikhaelovna.

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Usually Someone potters in a workshop, repairs the bicycle, does the boat or the toy revolver.

At oclock tea moves.

In different occupations begin.

Younger love that read to them.

The average group prefers to work in the Room of arts: to draw, do linocuts, to make something of skin, to spin baskets.

Usually quite populously in a potters workshop, it actually the most favourite place at children and in the morning, and in the evening.

The seniors work after tea and, happens, are late late.

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