At the bottom

At the bottom Material A box with small toys.

At the bottom of a box a blue envelope with plates on which the words designating these toys are written.

Words and subjects are picked up so that they contain one kakayanibud difficulty.

Others make other identical material.

We give types of sets of a blue series for difficulties of Russian: about and p in f h sh to x with z and e з with x to d t in and y y oh I e t sh tsya tsya tsa and about y oh y to it On all these difficulties at the correct reading separate sets of blue cards, plates, books are under construction.

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For example, when

For example, when Burnett: Yes.

If I have to meet with kemto, before it I feel fear.

And I feel awe before many people.

For example, when I met Jimmy Stewart, I could not say words, I after all loved his all life since my father to me seemed similar to it.

Also know, what was farther?

I turned around and stepped directly in a bucket with whitewashing, dragged it through all room and never more there came back, so I was humiliated.

Two years ago I met Cari Grant, and again could hardly squeeze out though the word.

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The curious

The curious And you will have enough conscience to tell me in eyes that I stood aside?

Or something in this spirit.

But even in spite of the fact that I managed to win against crowd, campaigns in district clinic on analyses troubled, I long got up courage and trained myself psychologically.

The curious innovation consisted that instead of the test for AFP all is universal this time did mysterious screening.

It included procedures blood test from a vein in weeks and simultaneous ultrasonography.

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In the same

In the same For example, why we observe people of extraordinary appearance punks, emo, hippie, etc.

First of all because they want to be allocated from crowd, to show the identity.

In the same way and at a name choice.

Parents part of society.

From what relationship with crowd developed at them, depends not only a choice of a name of the kid, but also his further development.

Here example.

In Russia there are a lot of families of eremites who consider that society the evil.

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It on the structure

It on the structure The matter is that at this time at the woman yet not milk, but socalled colostrum is formed.

It on the structure of almost identically liquid part of blood of mother to plasma.

Thus, during the first days of life food of the child after the birth will almost not differ from the prenatal.

And it is very important: the digestive system of the newborn can acquire only such food completely.

During the first hours at mother still can not be colostrum, but early applying promotes development of a lactation.

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