Simply Eventually, they have no choice according to the policy of compulsory health insurance after operation on any it is necessary to lie separately from the child.

Simply I would like if now these terms are read by those to whom it is necessary Caesarian that they foreknew that to expect from such a little postponed motherhood.

Another I In three years of anything, in my opinion, in maternity hospital did not change.

But I changed!

The scared fallow deer of threeyear prescription turned into the sure burned lioness whom surprised nothing, did not disturb and did not disturb.

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Resistance Reward yourself for suppression of negativism.

Resistance forces Make the list of your weaknesses on the left side of a sheet of paper.

The soninlaw write down opposite, positive statements on the right side of the same leaf.

For example: Weaknesses; None of bodies, who Infection: The one who really knows me.


Give examples.

Start thinking of yourself as it is written down to the right column, excepting the left.

Shyness renaming Often it happens that we show shyness vsegonavsy in couple of typical situations, but we think and we speak about ourselves as about the timid person.

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Coordination It is what pyramid?

You do not have what cube?

What ring we have to, finish a pyramid?

, and in the course of use of specially picked up pictures Consider the picture and tell, what, what, what, what.

Coordination imev adjectives with nouns in cases is investigated at preschool age only in borders of category of singular.

For this purpose it is possible to apply podstanovochny exercises Finish speaking, and also answers to questions.

At research of passive grammar picture material is, as a rule, used.

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It is necessary

It is necessary But it is desirable to carry out a diagnostic stage in the presence of parents.

It is necessary in order that parents visually could see those problems which the child has, and at the final stage the logopedist could illustrate the conclusion and recommendations with examples from inspection.

An exception is mass express inspection of children at kindergartens and other.

As a rule, parents ask to settle down but some distance so that the child felt their presence, but did not see them constantly.

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In the USA we follow

In the USA we follow Cultures very much differ from each other by quantity of a ban on a touch and physical expression of love.

People from the Mediterranean, for example, Italians, it is more sincere also expressivna, than northerners and people of east nationalities.

In the USA we follow English Nordic norms which forbid physical contacts between men I limit some other, especially public manifestations of tender feelings.

For many people the only opportunity for physical contact in an office of the doctor at pulse calculation, during walk in a crush or at calculation of the heads on a football field.

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