Recently We had to hear much about statements, but as here is not got to keep the manuscript in general and scenarios of statements in particular, we tse could judge their quality.

Recently at small school theater representation of Macbeth all requisite for which was made with own hand took place.

It was interesting to learn that the decision on statement was made by children contrary to desire of the director who prefers that they executed plays of own composition.

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On each

On each What at us was a streamlet?

What was pebbles?

What was the bridge?

How you dried legs on the sun?

GAME ANIMALS ON PATHS Equipment: a set of pictures cm x cm with images of animals: a rooster, a dog, a hedgehog, a cat on pieces of each look; ten strips of paper with various badges, six strips of paper with various forms a triangle, a square, an oval, a circle.

On each strip on figures.

Each couple of badges is separated from each other by vertical line.

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In case

In case To the child suggest to consider the picture and to tell that on it it is represented.

Then ask to tell the girl how to water a flower.

In case of difficulty the teacher speaks: Remember, in what we pour water to water a flower.

If after that the child finds it difficult to perform a task, reception of supervision over performance of real action by the contemporary is used, and then the child tells about observed actions, i.


fixes consecutive actions in the speech.

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Neon Greek: young, new. Nestor

Neon Greek: young, new. Nestor Naum Hebrew: comforter, uspokoitel.

Neon Greek: young, new.

Nestor Greek: returned home.

Nikandr Ancient Greek: winner.

Nicanor Ancient Greek: seen a victory.

Nikita Greek: winner.

Nikifor Greek: victorious, hero.

Nicodemus Greek: people winner.

Nikolay Greek: winner of the people.

Nikon Greek: bears a victory.

Nile Latin, from the name of the river in Egypt.

Ache Hebrew: rest, rest.

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I long could

I long could It had absolutely unacademic mentality.

I long could not imagine, than she could be engaged in life.

When it in years left us, any school inspector would recognize it about razovaniye the bad.

Today Diana is engaged in London in advertizing of culinary products.

She is extremely skillful worker, and that is much more important she found happiness in work.

Once a certain firm demanded that everything it employees had at least passed entrance examinations in college.

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