So adjectives

So adjectives In oral speech children can use dialecticisms and those forms which are used steadily by an adult environment, in it there can be no number of forms and designs which are heard in oral speech is reduced, for example, the terminations of a neutral gender about, е nouns and verbs, the termination ое, its adjectives.

So adjectives kind, kind, kind when pronouncing will have an identical form dobrj.

Therefore to check the independent use or understanding of these grammatical forms by preschool children without special training it is not possible.

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Klinikopedagogichesky Klinikopedagogichesky classification originates in A.

Kussmauls classification made by him from positions of clinical approach on the basis of symptomatology of speech violations.

Modern klinikopedagogichesky classification divides all violations of the speech into two big groups: violations of oral speech which, in turn, are subdivided into violations of the proiznositelny party of the speech: a dysphonia, wander Zac laliya, takhilaliya, stutter, dislaliya, rinolaliya, dizartriya and system violations of the speech: alaliya, aphasia and violations of written language.

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Coincidence It is necessary to recognize that astrological supervision not such and nonsense.

First, the astrology exists for a long time.

Coincidence of life cycle of the person and certain arrangement of stars of steel than that big, than simple accident.

More likely, it is similar to regularity in which people continued believe.

Except the speaking star sky there are lunar phases.

It is scientifically proved that the condition of the moon influences physical health of meteodependent people.

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Equipment. The computer

Equipment. The computer We used the selected stimulny images at creation of the computer program allowing to investigate precisely and objectively features of visual information processing by pupils of younger school age by method of takhistoskopichesky presentation of incentives.


The computer program developed by us M.


Rusetskaya, O.


Levashov, O.


Inshakova, allows by method takhistoskopichesky to a predjyavla the niya of visual incentives on the screen of the computer to estimate such parameters as speed, volume, sequence and accuracy of reproduction of quickly provided visual information.

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Varya decided

Varya decided It is necessary to you?

In the third, I will wish to do nobody an enema and then to be cleared with painful frequent contractions.

It is gloomy.

Though Everyone for himself solves.

Varya decided not to hurry especially.

So far once after six oclock in the morning force and frequency of fights began to increase in a geometrical progression.

Here that all began to fuss Cooking, her husband, parents Began to gather.

Varya called the doctor with which agreed about childbirth.

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