FINISH THE TASK! Equipment: the teacher

FINISH THE TASK! Equipment: the teacher If these questions do not help the child to solve a problem, reception of a pripominaniye or supervision over actions of contemporaries is used.


Equipment: the teacher has two pictures.

On one various subjects are represented: stick, string, semicircle, circle, branch, triangle.

On other boy or the girl, in a hand a stick or a string fig.

Occupation course: The teacher shows the picture and objyas nyat: The artist drew the boy girl who which goes for walk, but he did not manage to finish that at it at it in hands.

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Gavin played

Gavin playedv=BBYjnQzE&feature=player_embedded There are some ways with which you can enter memory connection to your child.

There are games, memory magic Memory Magic offers the connecting activity of memory which they call Daft business.

Gavin played it before, and he really enjoys it: http:www.



v=fxfDWinA&feature=player_embedded Negative side of a toy that is the same history many times.

That I love that it is an excellent way to learn about memory connection.

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Interlocutors Many of these interviews proceeded more than an hour and came to an end farewell on the street or conversation in cafe.

From such initial contacts sometimes even the friendship is born.

Interlocutors go beyond a role, mixing it with other roles.

According to opinion of some sociologists, the roles of the person taken together also make it true I.

Other special method which actors for vzhivaniye in a specific role use suppression own I.

Lawrence Uilk.

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Further It is better to write down result.

Further the child lowers in a pan kakoynibud a subject it has to be so volume and heavy that water overflowed.

The hand cannot be immersed by no means!

Now it is necessary to measure the volume of the water which remained in a pan: the child takes out it a cup.

Then it compares water volumes in a pan before immersion in it of a subject and after.

The difference between these volumes will also make the volume of the measured subject.

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It passes

It passes Open the telegram in which it is said that your father or mother died.

Have a bite hastily at restaurant near the station and be there on thorns, being afraid, as if not to pass the train.

Sometimes representation has character of talkshow.

For example, I sit down to a table and I declare that I the official of immigration service in Garvich Each child has to get the imagined passport and be going to answer my questions.

It passes very cheerfully.

Or, for example, I become the film producer recruiting performers for future movie.

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