These games

These games Time spent at dacha can become unique possibility of communication with the child.

These games will develop inquisitiveness and observation in the child, will put a basis of acquaintance of the kid to the world of the nature and the real hobby for it.

Care of the caught insects Age: years.

Number of players: In a trichetyra of year the child is still too small to entrust it education of an animal.

But small insects the kid will surround with love and within days will care of them, and then will refer back on Wednesday their dwellings.

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I. Fausek

I. FausekI.

Fausek in Russia kh years, and employees of the House of Maria Montessori repeatedly observed presently a picture of the spontaneous, intuitive letter of children of kh years when the child working in specially prepared developing environment, easily writes on a board with chalk or a pencil on paper many letters of the alphabet and even the whole words for example, the name, without knowing still the name of any letter.

And at a certain training signs are leveled, turning into a beautiful written row.

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And also

And also We go to shop We often go to shop.

And also often we take with ourselves children, but usually we watch that children did not disturb us and were not lost in shop.

This selection of games we will try to convince you that the road to shop and can back be very useful time for development of your kid.

Big and small Age: let.

Number of players: When you go to shop, prepare two bags: big for itself, and small for the child.

In shop suggest him to choose that from the bought things it is necessary to put in big, and that in a small handbag.

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It turned

It turned Many adults remember childrens game in tarabarsky language when before or after separate parts of the word increased kakoynibud a syllable and words were said together: sae, Sato, most, a garden it is my house.

It turned out very ridiculously and unclear for those who did not know a secret.

This game is familiar only to the Russian children because only for our language syllabic sounding of the speech is characteristic.

Children easily add any syllables to parts of the word.

They like this occupation, and possibility of own influence on language, a yazykotvorchestvo pleases.

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After all now such

After all now such And why to come back to the forgotten Soviet past if the present gives so many opportunities for creativity!

Probably, you agree, as sounding, and sense of such names resemble a pun more.

And now present that sometime for children there will be no name of Mediput ridiculous or surprising or Mdan.

After all now such names as Kim or Ninel, do not cause rough emotions and indignations.

New names often arose because of political and social realities.

Over time they were included into the active dictionary of users and stopped being strangers.

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