The animator

The animator ONELINES The rastrepa has no fasteners.

In a workshop the master made a launch.

Asters and nasturtiums grow on a site.

Beautiful Nastasia has a red oriental carpet.

Tender Praskoviya caressed a swallow.

The animator made laugh astronauts chastushkas.

On asphalt the astronomer, at the astronomer is a compass.

Not to fall in an abyss to the annoying graduate student.

VOPROSHALKI In a slippery jack of butterdishes or oil?

The gymnast kissed a soldiers blouse or the gymnast?

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These games

These games Time spent at dacha can become unique possibility of communication with the child.

These games will develop inquisitiveness and observation in the child, will put a basis of acquaintance of the kid to the world of the nature and the real hobby for it.

Care of the caught insects Age: years.

Number of players: In a trichetyra of year the child is still too small to entrust it education of an animal.

But small insects the kid will surround with love and within days will care of them, and then will refer back on Wednesday their dwellings.

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  • Absorption
  • It turned
  • And also
  • In case
  • That too it was not noisy, can look
  • Completely
  • Children
  • FINISH THE TASK! Equipment: the teacher
  • For example, when