Types of drinks

Types of drinks Words starting from the letter B picture than word Words on a letter B, words on a letter.

Types of drinks.

Types of drinks My family.

My family Picture with words at the same card as I know, this is against the original idea of SM.

Numbers illustrated by the colored part of the circle first the number, then the next picture shows the part of the circle colored Figures from we illustrate the dial.

Show figure , then the picture on which the circle with the paintedover sector as on hours from figure to figure is drawn, i.

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Pseudoprisoners The pseudosecurity guards at first feeling simply as chiefs became roughly, even posadistsk to treat prisoners.

Pseudoprisoners reacted to this demonstration of the power emotional depression, feeling of helplessness and, eventually, resignedly submitted to all established rules.

The experiment planned for two weeks was necessary to interrupt after only six days Izz of the strong changes which happened in students, revaluations of moral values by them in this allegedly prison situation.

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The kid reads

The kid reads Here we consider the first of materials of a blue series for difficulties when reading words with о.

The description of work The child places before himself subjects from a box: deer, crocodile, owl, pig, cow, crow, hunter.

Then it opens a blue envelope and gets plates with words from there.

The kid reads these words and displays plates to subjects.

The comment Happens process of intuitive reading words.

Despite a difference in writing and a pronunciation of the word, the child intuitively identifies a subject and the word and compares them most often precisely.

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Even the excellent

Even the excellent In the report it is noted that we have children.

Today their number decreased to the fact which to some extent compensates a small salary.

In the report it is told also about weak teaching for yearold children.

Yes, we had this difficulty always.

Even the excellent teacher hardly manages to adjust study, usual for private school, at least already because freedom to be engaged in other things is provided to children.

If children at the age of years at any private school were given the chance to climb trees or to dig dugouts instead of going to lessons, their results would be same, as ours.

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