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Hamlet drevnegermansky: twin, double. Garay

That too it was not noisy, can look

Give a signal and under a blanket search works have to begin.That too it was not noisy, can look for ktonibud one.If other children are afflicted, change them roles or hide some toys at once.Trampoline Age: years.Number of players: any.Put on a floor an old mattress that children jumped on it, but not on chairs and sofas, and less they were spoiled.Fortress Age: years.Number of players: any.Excellent fortress will turn out from cushions if you resolve it.

And Tanya

They decided to clean the room.Katya took the vacuum cleaner.It cleaned a carpet.Varya wiped dust from a case.And Tanya washed the dishes.When mother came, everything was pure.All children sat on a carpet and played with dolls.Then children consider the second picture Children play and look for the girl who washed the dishes.After the child found the girl, the teacher speaks: Tell how you learned that it is Tanya.From the child it is required to remember external distinctive signs of one of characters and to tell about it, i.

The sound

You hear a ring?Age: years.Number of players: You take a glass and a spoon, sit down near the child lying in a bed and speak: Close eyes, and I will knock on a glass.The sound will be at first loud, then everything is more silent and more silent.When it is not audible at all, it is possible to open eyes.Repeat this game several times.Marching conditions Age: years.Number of players: any.Allow to have a sleep sometimes for a change to the child in unusual conditions, for example in a sleeping bag, on your bed or on a floor in the room.

It should

At the time of inspection of oral speech of children of control group of violation of a sound pronunciation are noted at of pupils, and experimental at of school students.It should be noted that as children with violations of a sound pronunciation visited logopedic occupations on a school logopunkt, phonetic defects of the speech came to light only at pupils of the first and are much more rare than the second classes.At more senior children being available earlier violations of a sound pronunciation at the time of carrying out research were already eliminated.

Anfim Greek: covered

Anikit Greek: invincible.Anisim Greek: execution, performance.Antiochus Greek: resisting, going in defiance.Antip Greek: opponent.Antipatr Greek: instead of the father.Anton Anthony, Antonin Latin: engaging, competing in force.In Rome it was recognized as a patrimonial name.Anfim Greek: covered in the flowers.Anfir Ancient Greek: blossoming.Anufry option of Onufry.Apelles Greek: unrecognized, discourteous.

The way of the reading

This technique considers an assessment of speed and correctness of reading.The way of the reading and understanding read which is checked by means of control questions is separately investigated.The offered technique does not allow to consider, however, those rather often found cases when the child allows not one, and some mistakes in one word, and also those cases when the child passes the word or the whole line.Creation and wide circulation of any standardized technique of an assessment of formation of mental function or skill, in our opinion, meets certain difficulties.

Maksud Arab: desired, expected. Malaky

It is possible

It is possible to distinguish recognition of graphics on the basis of the analysis and synthesis from visual operations, a visual memory, zritelnoprostranstvenny representations, but also, the glazodvigatelny activity providing the sakkadichesky movements which are the cornerstone of exact scanning of information during reading.Training in the Russian sound alphabetic reading assumes also existence of the developed orally speech operations: correct sound pronunciation, phonemic perception, leksikogrammatichesky representations.


The exception is made by pupils of special correctional schools.Language material at their inspection is selected taking into account the program of training that allows to estimate dynamics of learning ability to the language phenomena.Special attention at inspection of syntactic abilities needs to be paid on: ability of the pupil to build various types of offers, including complex; possession of predlozhnopadezhny designs; ability to coordinate nouns and adjectives in oblique cases of plural.

At the bottom

Material A box with small toys.At the bottom of a box a blue envelope with plates on which the words designating these toys are written.Words and subjects are picked up so that they contain one kakayanibud difficulty.Others make other identical material.We give types of sets of a blue series for difficulties of Russian: about and p in f h sh to x with z and e з with x to d t in and y y oh I e t sh tsya tsya tsa and about y oh y to it On all these difficulties at the correct reading separate sets of blue cards, plates, books are under construction.

For example, when

Burnett: Yes.If I have to meet with kemto, before it I feel fear.And I feel awe before many people.For example, when I met Jimmy Stewart, I could not say words, I after all loved his all life since my father to me seemed similar to it.Also know, what was farther?I turned around and stepped directly in a bucket with whitewashing, dragged it through all room and never more there came back, so I was humiliated.Two years ago I met Cari Grant, and again could hardly squeeze out though the word.

The curious

And you will have enough conscience to tell me in eyes that I stood aside?Or something in this spirit.But even in spite of the fact that I managed to win against crowd, campaigns in district clinic on analyses troubled, I long got up courage and trained myself psychologically.The curious innovation consisted that instead of the test for AFP all is universal this time did mysterious screening.It included procedures blood test from a vein in weeks and simultaneous ultrasonography.

In the same

For example, why we observe people of extraordinary appearance punks, emo, hippie, etc.First of all because they want to be allocated from crowd, to show the identity.In the same way and at a name choice.Parents part of society.From what relationship with crowd developed at them, depends not only a choice of a name of the kid, but also his further development.Here example.In Russia there are a lot of families of eremites who consider that society the evil.

It on the structure

The matter is that at this time at the woman yet not milk, but socalled colostrum is formed.It on the structure of almost identically liquid part of blood of mother to plasma.Thus, during the first days of life food of the child after the birth will almost not differ from the prenatal.And it is very important: the digestive system of the newborn can acquire only such food completely.During the first hours at mother still can not be colostrum, but early applying promotes development of a lactation.


Eventually, they have no choice according to the policy of compulsory health insurance after operation on any it is necessary to lie separately from the child.Simply I would like if now these terms are read by those to whom it is necessary Caesarian that they foreknew that to expect from such a little postponed motherhood.Another I In three years of anything, in my opinion, in maternity hospital did not change.But I changed!The scared fallow deer of threeyear prescription turned into the sure burned lioness whom surprised nothing, did not disturb and did not disturb.


Reward yourself for suppression of negativism.Resistance forces Make the list of your weaknesses on the left side of a sheet of paper.The soninlaw write down opposite, positive statements on the right side of the same leaf.For example: Weaknesses; None of bodies, who Infection: The one who really knows me.Continue.Give examples.Start thinking of yourself as it is written down to the right column, excepting the left.Shyness renaming Often it happens that we show shyness vsegonavsy in couple of typical situations, but we think and we speak about ourselves as about the timid person.


It is what pyramid?You do not have what cube?What ring we have to, finish a pyramid?, and in the course of use of specially picked up pictures Consider the picture and tell, what, what, what, what.Coordination imev adjectives with nouns in cases is investigated at preschool age only in borders of category of singular.For this purpose it is possible to apply podstanovochny exercises Finish speaking, and also answers to questions.At research of passive grammar picture material is, as a rule, used.

It is necessary

But it is desirable to carry out a diagnostic stage in the presence of parents.It is necessary in order that parents visually could see those problems which the child has, and at the final stage the logopedist could illustrate the conclusion and recommendations with examples from inspection.An exception is mass express inspection of children at kindergartens and other.As a rule, parents ask to settle down but some distance so that the child felt their presence, but did not see them constantly.

In the USA we follow

Cultures very much differ from each other by quantity of a ban on a touch and physical expression of love.People from the Mediterranean, for example, Italians, it is more sincere also expressivna, than northerners and people of east nationalities.In the USA we follow English Nordic norms which forbid physical contacts between men I limit some other, especially public manifestations of tender feelings.For many people the only opportunity for physical contact in an office of the doctor at pulse calculation, during walk in a crush or at calculation of the heads on a football field.


We had to hear much about statements, but as here is not got to keep the manuscript in general and scenarios of statements in particular, we tse could judge their quality.Recently at small school theater representation of Macbeth all requisite for which was made with own hand took place.It was interesting to learn that the decision on statement was made by children contrary to desire of the director who prefers that they executed plays of own composition.

On each

What at us was a streamlet?What was pebbles?What was the bridge?How you dried legs on the sun?GAME ANIMALS ON PATHS Equipment: a set of pictures cm x cm with images of animals: a rooster, a dog, a hedgehog, a cat on pieces of each look; ten strips of paper with various badges, six strips of paper with various forms a triangle, a square, an oval, a circle.On each strip on figures.Each couple of badges is separated from each other by vertical line.

In case

To the child suggest to consider the picture and to tell that on it it is represented.Then ask to tell the girl how to water a flower.In case of difficulty the teacher speaks: Remember, in what we pour water to water a flower.If after that the child finds it difficult to perform a task, reception of supervision over performance of real action by the contemporary is used, and then the child tells about observed actions, i.e.fixes consecutive actions in the speech.

Neon Greek: young, new. Nestor

I long could

It had absolutely unacademic mentality.I long could not imagine, than she could be engaged in life.When it in years left us, any school inspector would recognize it about razovaniye the bad.Today Diana is engaged in London in advertizing of culinary products.She is extremely skillful worker, and that is much more important she found happiness in work.Once a certain firm demanded that everything it employees had at least passed entrance examinations in college.

So adjectives

In oral speech children can use dialecticisms and those forms which are used steadily by an adult environment, in it there can be no number of forms and designs which are heard in oral speech is reduced, for example, the terminations of a neutral gender about, е nouns and verbs, the termination ое, its adjectives.So adjectives kind, kind, kind when pronouncing will have an identical form dobrj.Therefore to check the independent use or understanding of these grammatical forms by preschool children without special training it is not possible.


Klinikopedagogichesky classification originates in A.Kussmauls classification made by him from positions of clinical approach on the basis of symptomatology of speech violations.Modern klinikopedagogichesky classification divides all violations of the speech into two big groups: violations of oral speech which, in turn, are subdivided into violations of the proiznositelny party of the speech: a dysphonia, wander Zac laliya, takhilaliya, stutter, dislaliya, rinolaliya, dizartriya and system violations of the speech: alaliya, aphasia and violations of written language.


It is necessary to recognize that astrological supervision not such and nonsense.First, the astrology exists for a long time.Coincidence of life cycle of the person and certain arrangement of stars of steel than that big, than simple accident.More likely, it is similar to regularity in which people continued believe.Except the speaking star sky there are lunar phases.It is scientifically proved that the condition of the moon influences physical health of meteodependent people.

Equipment. The computer

Varya decided

It is necessary to you?In the third, I will wish to do nobody an enema and then to be cleared with painful frequent contractions.It is gloomy.Though Everyone for himself solves.Varya decided not to hurry especially.So far once after six oclock in the morning force and frequency of fights began to increase in a geometrical progression.Here that all began to fuss Cooking, her husband, parents Began to gather.Varya called the doctor with which agreed about childbirth.

FINISH THE TASK! Equipment: the teacher

If these questions do not help the child to solve a problem, reception of a pripominaniye or supervision over actions of contemporaries is used.FINISH THE TASK!Equipment: the teacher has two pictures.On one various subjects are represented: stick, string, semicircle, circle, branch, triangle.On other boy or the girl, in a hand a stick or a string fig.Occupation course: The teacher shows the picture and objyas nyat: The artist drew the boy girl who which goes for walk, but he did not manage to finish that at it at it in hands.

Gavin played

v=BBYjnQzE&feature=player_embedded There are some ways with which you can enter memory connection to your child.There are games, memory magic Memory Magic offers the connecting activity of memory which they call Daft business.Gavin played it before, and he really enjoys it: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=fxfDWinA&feature=player_embedded Negative side of a toy that is the same history many times.That I love that it is an excellent way to learn about memory connection.


Many of these interviews proceeded more than an hour and came to an end farewell on the street or conversation in cafe.From such initial contacts sometimes even the friendship is born.Interlocutors go beyond a role, mixing it with other roles.According to opinion of some sociologists, the roles of the person taken together also make it true I.Other special method which actors for vzhivaniye in a specific role use suppression own I.Lawrence Uilk.


It is better to write down result.Further the child lowers in a pan kakoynibud a subject it has to be so volume and heavy that water overflowed.The hand cannot be immersed by no means!Now it is necessary to measure the volume of the water which remained in a pan: the child takes out it a cup.Then it compares water volumes in a pan before immersion in it of a subject and after.The difference between these volumes will also make the volume of the measured subject.

It passes

Open the telegram in which it is said that your father or mother died.Have a bite hastily at restaurant near the station and be there on thorns, being afraid, as if not to pass the train.Sometimes representation has character of talkshow.For example, I sit down to a table and I declare that I the official of immigration service in Garvich Each child has to get the imagined passport and be going to answer my questions.It passes very cheerfully.Or, for example, I become the film producer recruiting performers for future movie.


Date DOMINOES FROM LETTERS Age years The exercise purpose Recognition of letters as symbols of sounds in the written words.Absorption of the whole words.Intuitive reading.Material A sack in which plates are put with inscriptions of words, in each word the first and last letters are allocated red.On a reverse side of a card there is a control drawing.For example: rose, angel, lemon, sock, Easter cake, teapot, cat, three, needle, pineapple, sickle, rooster, hockey.


Houses of vorobyshka it was warmed and began to fly on the room.Children fed a vorobyshka with grain crumbs, sunflower seeds.When hard frosts came to an end, children set a sparrow free and hung up in park a feeding trough with a forage to help birds to worry cold winter.Questions: What season was?Who was found by children in park on snow?What was vorobyshka?What did children that frozen vorobyshka was not lost make?When children set a vorobyshka free?

The statement

This distinction between the people ready to carry themselves to timid, and those who considers is obviously important that in some situations he simply behaves as timid.We will consider this distinction in the following chapter.The statement that shyness is inherent in all dovolnotak a sweeping generalization, but it is based upon a firm basis.Only about of the interrogated Americans declared that they are unfamiliar with it.In the same way, and in other countries this feeling was no by only insignificant number of respondents.

Types of drinks

Words starting from the letter B picture than word Words on a letter B, words on a letter.Types of drinks.Types of drinks My family.My family Picture with words at the same card as I know, this is against the original idea of SM.Numbers illustrated by the colored part of the circle first the number, then the next picture shows the part of the circle colored Figures from we illustrate the dial.Show figure , then the picture on which the circle with the paintedover sector as on hours from figure to figure is drawn, i.


The pseudosecurity guards at first feeling simply as chiefs became roughly, even posadistsk to treat prisoners.Pseudoprisoners reacted to this demonstration of the power emotional depression, feeling of helplessness and, eventually, resignedly submitted to all established rules.The experiment planned for two weeks was necessary to interrupt after only six days Izz of the strong changes which happened in students, revaluations of moral values by them in this allegedly prison situation.

The kid reads

Here we consider the first of materials of a blue series for difficulties when reading words with о.The description of work The child places before himself subjects from a box: deer, crocodile, owl, pig, cow, crow, hunter.Then it opens a blue envelope and gets plates with words from there.The kid reads these words and displays plates to subjects.The comment Happens process of intuitive reading words.Despite a difference in writing and a pronunciation of the word, the child intuitively identifies a subject and the word and compares them most often precisely.

Even the excellent

In the report it is noted that we have children.Today their number decreased to the fact which to some extent compensates a small salary.In the report it is told also about weak teaching for yearold children.Yes, we had this difficulty always.Even the excellent teacher hardly manages to adjust study, usual for private school, at least already because freedom to be engaged in other things is provided to children.If children at the age of years at any private school were given the chance to climb trees or to dig dugouts instead of going to lessons, their results would be same, as ours.

In total! Simply

But not at the discretion of each separate family and as statesmen found possible.The choice is small it is possible to dispose of money or as a payment for square meters, or on training of the child, or on pension of mother.In total!Simply royal gift to our families.The strongest incentive for their replenishment and improvement of a demographic situation in the country!Look, in two options from three training of the child, pension maternity capital can be applied even not right after possibility of its receiving, and in many years.


Everything is quietly washed.Completely it was succeeded to liquidate meconium only from the third attempt.Problems with a breast too did not avoid Lana.Michal Mikhalych all could not stick in any way.The nipple took that, and here an areola no.A breast, such gentle and unprepared to work of a childrens jaw, it was necessary to develop, and it is sick.As a result, Lana stepped on a rake of many beginning mummies: trying to develop quicker at the child a sosatelny reflex, she too long kept it at a breast.

The animator

ONELINES The rastrepa has no fasteners.In a workshop the master made a launch.Asters and nasturtiums grow on a site.Beautiful Nastasia has a red oriental carpet.Tender Praskoviya caressed a swallow.The animator made laugh astronauts chastushkas.On asphalt the astronomer, at the astronomer is a compass.Not to fall in an abyss to the annoying graduate student.VOPROSHALKI In a slippery jack of butterdishes or oil?The gymnast kissed a soldiers blouse or the gymnast?

These games

Time spent at dacha can become unique possibility of communication with the child.These games will develop inquisitiveness and observation in the child, will put a basis of acquaintance of the kid to the world of the nature and the real hobby for it.Care of the caught insects Age: years.Number of players: In a trichetyra of year the child is still too small to entrust it education of an animal.But small insects the kid will surround with love and within days will care of them, and then will refer back on Wednesday their dwellings.

I. Fausek

And also

We go to shop We often go to shop.And also often we take with ourselves children, but usually we watch that children did not disturb us and were not lost in shop.This selection of games we will try to convince you that the road to shop and can back be very useful time for development of your kid.Big and small Age: let.Number of players: When you go to shop, prepare two bags: big for itself, and small for the child.In shop suggest him to choose that from the bought things it is necessary to put in big, and that in a small handbag.

It turned

Many adults remember childrens game in tarabarsky language when before or after separate parts of the word increased kakoynibud a syllable and words were said together: sae, Sato, most, a garden it is my house.It turned out very ridiculously and unclear for those who did not know a secret.This game is familiar only to the Russian children because only for our language syllabic sounding of the speech is characteristic.Children easily add any syllables to parts of the word.They like this occupation, and possibility of own influence on language, a yazykotvorchestvo pleases.

After all now such

And why to come back to the forgotten Soviet past if the present gives so many opportunities for creativity!Probably, you agree, as sounding, and sense of such names resemble a pun more.And now present that sometime for children there will be no name of Mediput ridiculous or surprising or Mdan.After all now such names as Kim or Ninel, do not cause rough emotions and indignations.New names often arose because of political and social realities.Over time they were included into the active dictionary of users and stopped being strangers.


In process of mastering a synthetic way of reading, the semantic aspect starts advancing technical to what emergence of semantic guesses in the course of reading testifies.Reading the skilled reader this antitsipiruyushchy reading which leans on a sense anticipation.In this case the semantic aspect leads technical, creating for it the optimum conditions which are positively influencing correctness and speed of reading V.G.Gorecki, T.G.Egorov, L.

The sea name

Significant and imperious name Margarita will decorate middle names Petrovna, Sergeyevna, Evgenyevna, Matveevna, Gavrilovna, Danilovna, Aleksandrovna.The sea name the Marine well sounds near middle names Aleksandrovna, Sergeyevna, Petrovna, Grigoryevna, Mikhaelovna, Savelyevna, Alekseevna, Stepanovna.Soft name Maria gains melodiousness near middle names Arkadyevna, Mikhaelovna, Pavlovna, Yurevna, Aleksandrovna, Vyacheslavovna.Universal name Natalya also has the preferences among middle names: Pavlovna, Vladimirovna, Romanovna, Petrovna, Konstantinovna, Olegovna, Borisovna, Leonidovna, Mikhaelovna.


Someone potters in a workshop, repairs the bicycle, does the boat or the toy revolver.At oclock tea moves.In different occupations begin.Younger love that read to them.The average group prefers to work in the Room of arts: to draw, do linocuts, to make something of skin, to spin baskets.Usually quite populously in a potters workshop, it actually the most favourite place at children and in the morning, and in the evening.The seniors work after tea and, happens, are late late.


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